Our approach to getting you back to

We harness the power of physiotherapy to change lives throughout the Wells, Chewton Mendip, Shepton Mallet, Cheddar and Glastonbury areas.

LISTEN - the first consultation is always longer to establish the the nature of your problem and your goals. 

QUESTION - use my experience to find out the root causes to your problem, how it is being caused and then what approach to treatment is appropriate to achieve your goals.

EXAMINE - I watch and examine your movements to help confirm what the complaint is while analysing and testing muscles, joints and the nervous system. 

TREAT - stretch tight bits, loosen stiff bits, strengthen weak parts. Selecting the best treatment for you.

All treatment guided by both experience and the latest research in physiotherapy and movment.  To help restore quality of movement and life.

ADVISE - in order to speed your recovery and return to where you wish to be, you will be given specific exercises tailored to your goals, plus advice to avoid recurrence.

Our fees are simple. We charge £40 for a 45 minute initial assessment, and £38 for 30 minute follow-up appointments.

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